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bellini by canella

The History....

In 1947, it all began when Luciano Canella was barely out of his teens. He liked to help his mother out: Giovanna Canella ran a small, family-style restaurant and Luciano would take care of supplies, touring the local farmers for the freshest produce and most authentic country wines.


1952, Canella wines are light, fizzy and subtly sweet. People love them so much demand grows; other inns, restaurants and bars in the area start to order. It’s time for the first Canella winery, where Luciano’s likeable bubbles are bottled. It’s in via San Francesco, at San Donà. Luciano’s every bit as effervescent as his wine. He travels, spreads the word, places his wines in the area’s best restaurants and gets the celebrities of the time to taste them.

In 1988, the brainwave: Luciano Canella will be the first to bottle the famous Venetian cocktail, Bellini. A challenge – producing the peachy pink concoction so it’s as pristine, juicy and fragrant as if freshly made. Canella’s Bellini splashes its way to worldwide success, leading the winery to international visibility.


In 1994 Canella Prosecco is awarded a gold medal – the Gran Medaglia d’Oro – at Vinitaly’s first wine competition. This major success at Italy’s foremost international wine fair endorses Canella’s status as a leading quality producer.

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